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Methanogen (UK) Ltd
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Biogastronomy: Truly Renewable Energy

Use the power of anaerobic digestion (AD) to turn food waste and other organic wastes into garden fertiliser and energy (methane gas) which can be used in a similar way to natural gas: in cookers, boilers, barbeques, single burner units and even vehicles! Larger units can also be combined with a CHP in order to produce electricity.

A whole family of sizes to suit your needs
Popular sizes of our portable BioGastronomes include the:
200 litre BabyBioGastronome - great as an introduction to AD or for digester feedstock experimentation
600 litre BioGastronome - suitable for most gardens
2000 litre, 6000 litre and 20m³ sizes - used for larger community schemes
As a rough guide, a tonne of food waste could produce in the region of 120m³ of biogas. This is the equivalent of 50l of vehicle fuel or enough gas to run a CHP creating about 10kW electricity.
The range can be adapted to suit local requirements.

Features include:
Portability (where necessary)
Low parasitic load/running costs
Robust build quality
Proven technology